Beginning lessons

I teach students ages 18 and up.

It’s a common misconception that music lessons are exclusively for young children. If you’re feeling tentative or shy about going back to school as an adult, realize that choosing to grow and expand yourself in a new direction is one of the most mature, responsible, and “adult” decisions you can make.

My specialty is making music lessons accessible to everyone in their busy 21st Century lives. I don’t demand hours and hours of practice, recitals, competitions, or exams because I want you to make music for your own reasons. If it’s fun and rewarding, and challenging in a positive way, you will spend however much time you can practicing without me setting some arbitrary goal.

You really have no idea just how much music lessons will enhance your life and well-being. Don’t assume that it is just a “leisure activity” or underestimate its importance. Although piano lessons can be relaxing, fun, and challenging in a good way, the benefits you will reap go well beyond learning that song you always wanted to play.