Perhaps you’ve taken some piano lessons in the past, but stopped because the experience was not a good one. Maybe you’re still playing, but just don’t feel like you are getting anywhere with your current teacher or method.

Now is your chance to take advantage of a new, revolutionary approach to playing the piano which will have you playing amazing, mature-sounding songs with both hands immediately, from your very first lessons.

Piano Lessons for Experienced Students

Your Simply Music lessons will include:

  • Music in a variety of styles – classical, contemporary, blues
  • Accompaniment – playing chords and rhythm while someone else provides the melody by singing or playing another instrument.
  • Improvisation and Composition – in a supportive environment, students will learn to create their own music at the piano.
  • In the beginning, all students follow the same curriculum. As you get further into the lessons, you will be able to start selecting your own songs to learn, in addition to the music from the program.

Have you wondered how online lessons work?

My answer is -- really well!

But you really want to know about the logistics, right?  I use two cameras -- one for my face, and a second one for my hands over the keyboard.

My students can see and hear me really well!

There are many advantages to online lessons, but one of my favorites is that everyone has their own piano.  Demonstration and back and forth playing are so easy.  I can play a passage for a student and they can play it back to me without having to switch places on the piano bench.

Here are some specifics about getting setup for online lessons.  Equipment, Setup and Technical Information

You will need an instrument to practice on, but a keyboard is just fine.  I often get asked about what types of keyboards I recommend for beginners.  The information in this link will help guide you in purchasing your first instrument.

My name is Cara Morgan and I have a Bachelor of Educational Studies in Music from the University of Missouri.  I am also a licensed Simply Music Piano Teacher.

I've been playing piano since I was very young and I really do consider the piano to be the love of my life.  I also play flute and some of my favorite moments have involved playing both instruments for musical theatre products (sometimes in the same show).

I love exploring music with my students.  My goal as a piano teacher is to help my students experience the same joy and satisfaction I've experienced through a lifetime of playing the piano.