Piano Lessons for Beginners

“I found Cara on Craigslist.  Her prices are reasonable, she is flexible and accommodating, skilled, humble, and humorous.  She adapted to an online platform during COVID and continued our lessons without a skipped beat.  I have found her and the program to be quite enlightening and enjoyable.  I am excited to continue building my piano skills!”
John S.

“I have been working with Cara for 6 months, and things are going very well! She is great with instruction, and I think we are moving through the material at a good pace. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn piano to give Cara a call!”
Cody F.

“What a joy!  I have a very stressful job with little free time and was looking for something fun and relaxing to add to my life.  Cara is welcoming, calm, has a good sense of humor, and really knows her stuff. She makes it easy to learn and I’m playing real music with both hands right from the start — none of the toddler songs, endless scales, and tedious reading exercises that most music lessons require. I recommend her and the teaching system she uses wholeheartedly.
Esther Z.

“After many fits and starts in learning piano the traditional way over the last 10 years,  I accidentally landed on Simply Music. Now playing piano is my premier relaxing activity rather than a chore!”
Nikhil D.

“Cara, is a wonderful teacher, and does a great job at moving at the pace of the student. As someone who took piano lessons for 6 months over 20 years ago, I was not sure how I would do picking it up again, but the Simply Music method is amazing. My family and I are constantly impressed with how much I have been able to learn and retain in just a couple of months. If you are looking for a piano teacher, I would definitely recommend Cara and the Simply Music method!”
Genny S.