Why Take Piano Lessons?

Why should I take piano lessons?

For students of all ages, learning to play the piano can unlock a door to a whole new universe . . .

Boundless Potential

Modern research is finding more and more evidence that it’s not just listening to music that alters and activates our brain in a positive way. Playing an instrument and interacting with music in a hands-on manner increases the speed and range of neural activity, and can enhance a person’s creative ability well beyond musical applications. 

Infinite Possibilities

Playing piano is just the beginning.  I equip every student with the tools to become: performers, songwriters, composers, or all of the above! Many students who start with piano go on to play other instruments with ease. My students develop a holistic, experiential perspective toward learning. They also gain self confidence and self-esteem as they learn to TEACH THEMSELVES. 

The Power to Impact People

Music is one of the most effective and direct forms of communicating emotion. It cuts through intellectual and logical barriers and connects people in a way that we can all feel. Playing the piano will ultimately help you become better at expressing yourself and connecting with others, whether it’s through simple conversations or jazz improvisation. It really is a “universal language.” 

Why You Need A Piano Teacher